1994: new single from Russell James

Abandoned movie theater.

It was the year Kurt Cobain died. And with his leaving, so came the troubling diagnosis of possibly the end of another wave of modern music sensibility. It wasn’t that 90s music made people feel more tortured. The times did that. The world was getting faster, and smaller, and meaner. Still, life was a mixtape, not a playlist. A whole new vocabulary was trashing traditional nostalgia for something darker. More isolation, more neglect, more trauma. Getting lost was an essential first step in the search for freedom. But how?

This song is a bittersweet song about the timeless, and painful, experience of coming of age.

Russell James

This new song, “1994,” by Russell James, forms the first chapter of a new record from Russell, “Pay Attention,” arriving this summer. Like every album by this eclectic, searching recording artist, it feels like a concept album. By turns Pedro the Lion (David Bazan) confessional, at others Advance Base (Owen Ashworth) storyteller. Outsiders in the company of outsiders. Russell lives and writes about his life at the crossroads.

Russell James in Anacortes, 2019

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