Submission Guidelines

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For musicians

First, thank you for doing what you do. We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without you. The Palace is really about creating an ecosystem with recording artists, building long-term relationships with the artists we love through reviews, interviews, photos, performance coverage, shared tracks, videos, and other editorial highlights. The best relationships feel mutual.

We’d rather have some deep relationships with a few artists than a zillion superficial contacts. No one needs more noise. We desperately need more authentic community! That said, we do have a few things we’d like you to consider if you want us to consider writing about your latest cool release.

  • We don’t get paid to do this work (it’s a love thing), so the things that add value the most — for us — from musicians are some sort of media (especially physical media, if you have any): CDs, cassette tapes, LPs, as well as digital downloads. Yes, we love getting downloads, too. This might sound like an odd ask in 2020, but we started out as a vinyl record label. So artifacts rule in The Palace.

    We try to buy as many records as we can, and our appetite for new music is insatiable! But we can’t afford to buy everything we want in this world. Just saying. We’re grateful for anything people will share with us.
  • We must have a press release — of some kind — from you introducing yourself and giving us some background on what you’re all about (if you’re a band, include your band musician’s names, producer, studio, anything you think is cool to mention). Why your record is cool. How it was made. The “story,” as you see it.

    This also means a selection of cool band photos, too (include names of photographers if you want us to credit them by name). Speeds up the process. (Yes, we can dig a lot of this information out of the internet ourselves, but there are never enough hours in the day!)
  • Writing about a recording artist is really about being able to introduce your work to others. This means it’s important to have your music where we can link to it and share it with our readers. We prefer Bandcamp because it’s an artist-friendly platform. We want our readers to consider buying your work if we write about it (preferably from an Indie record shop, if you release physical media, like ours in Anacortes, The Business). But Bandcamp is cool, too.
  • Getting song lyrics, if they’re not on Bandcamp, makes our job a whole lot easier. We love quoting lyrics from cool songs, highlighted tracks, etc. Help us out and share them with us, if you have them. You’d be surprised how easy it is for us to guess a line wrong. (We’re crap at guessing.)
  • We’re not into music streaming platforms like Spotify, Google Play, Pandora, Grooveshark, or even SoundCloud. We have a lot of reasons for this, that don’t really matter to you. I know, we’re not interwebs hip. We spin records! And cassette tapes, I mean, how cool! It’s just how we are.
  • Finally, interviews. If we ask for an interview, we do not submit questions to artists in advance (OK, we’ve tried it a couple of ways and it just doesn’t work for our editorial schedule, which is crazy most days!). I know, you’re thinking we’re control freaks. OK.

    However, in our defense, the fun of doing an interview is getting to talk to an artist we’re into. Makes sense if you think about it. Artists are cool! So if we do an interview, it will be live via phone (not Zoom, so you can wear whatever and be wherever), it will last about 20-30 minutes. We’ll record it, and use whatever fits for the post. If you’re not into that whole thing, that’s cool. We still love you.

For PR staff & record labels representing musicians

Pretty much the same stuff as above, but with an emphasis on sending us a digital download of the music by your client. The more tempting the submission, the more eager we will be to jump in and support your client. Pointing us to an online streaming service is boring.

For writers interested in contributing pieces

If you want to write for The Palace, that’s amazing! Our dream has been to grow this publication into an old-school music-review hub. That said, for the time being, we’re a classic no-budget zine. We do what we do out of a deep belief that new music is exciting, and that there’s an endless supply of cool new recording artists coming up.

  • We don’t pay anything for writing (sorry). We buy our “ruined world” anchor artwork (unless we create it ourselves), from commercial sites like Adobe Stock and Shutterstock. We also use free services like Unsplash. We credit everyone we can.
  • We do have style guidelines. If you get in touch with us, and if we vibe with each other, we can send you our style guide. Don’t worry, it’s not too complicated, but we do have some basic (and ever evolving) rules we try to follow.
  • We don’t publish snarky negative reviews. I mean, why? We don’t give records star or numerical ratings. Again, why? The best negative review, in our opinion, is no review. Thousands of new records are released every day. We have our hands full just keeping up with the hundreds of artists and records we love.
  • If we accept your piece, we will give you a byline.

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