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Old mail boxes in an old post office.

The whole world is a scene

Goat Palace is a music-documentary project by John Ellison based in Anacortes, Washington. Our mission is to photograph and write about music and musicians, to showcase records and ideas, the objects of music, like music magazines of old once did (most are gone now). We review records we love (why bother writing about music you don’t like?), interview musicians, and cover live shows. We like to blend the arts whenever possible, which is why you’ll see lots of photos, quotations, and even poetry from time to time. Right now Goat Palace is online, but dream of the day when we will have a printed version. We’d love to collaborate with other writers, too. Reach out!

If we write about a record, we usually buy the LP, cassette, or CD to add it to the Palace Collection. Digital downloads are always welcome, as are physical releases. (If you want to send an artifact for consideration, tell us and we can give you a mailing address.) Pre-COVID live-band photos in reviews and interviews have been by John Ellison, but certainly not all. If they come to us from other photographers, we love to credit their work.

Press: Please reach out if you want to send Goat Palace your regular review, download, and promo emails!

Contact: johne [ dot ] goatpalacezine [ at-sign ] gmail [ dot ] com

Note to Photographers

We respect the intellectual property rights of all the artists we profile on Goat Palace. Our mission is to provide visibility to every artist we write about, including photographers. The “anchor art,” as well as the art we occasionally use within our stories, generally comes from five primary places: 1) Recording artists and/or their PR Representatives, 2) Shutterstock & Adobestock (two paid image suppliers), 3) Unsplash (a free-use image supplier), 4) Wiki Commons (a collection of freely usable media, with attribution), and more recently, from Canva (an app we use to generate our social-media materials as well as some of the footer art we create). Album/LP art (and some band photos) usually comes from Bandcamp and the artist’s record listing we’re profiling (always with permission). No photos are ever thoughtlessly taken from the Internet for use in Goat Palace. We also make every good-faith effort to use appropriate sources for our images, and to credit every musician and every photographer whenever possible.

That said, we also understand that we might have gotten something wrong, or that a relationship changed between an artist and their photo representative/supplier. We also understand that a photographer might not want the image we’ve chosen (from one of the sources listed above) to appear in Goat Palace at all. If this has happened to you, first, please accept our sincere apology. We want to correct this problem immediately.

Please contact us and tell us your full name, email address, please tell is the title of the article, describe your photograph, and tell us where your image appears. We will remove it immediately, and send you confirming email.

Contact: johne [ dot ] goatpalacezine [ at-sign ] gmail [ dot ] com

Mailbox on a blue wall.

The music industry is in a period of radical change, like pretty much everything else in our lives, in our communities, in our world. It’s important for fans to know how hard it is for musicians to make their livings from their art. It’s important to remain human, to be kind.

photo credits
(where not otherwise credited)

“Old post office” / photograph by Tim Evans on Unsplash.com
“Red mailbox” / photograph by Natalia Lyczko on Unsplash.com
“johne” / tintype photograph by Meghann Gilligan/The Tin Gypsy Program