Buffet: live & on fire

Their favorite things: live at the Bikespot…

During the sound check merch fell off the walls in the tiny Bikespot bike shop next to The Business, in Anacortes. It was a night of resistance. Bikespot co-owner, Carolyn Moulton, had just been appointed to the Anacortes City Council. One of us, on the inside. There’s nothing more punk than expanding the use of bikes over cars, protecting affordable housing over developer greed. For one night the house of bikes became the house of punk.

When I think of punk, I think of fierce independence.

Nick Rennis, Buffet

Punk is the reset button: The victorious roar you hear someplace inside your head that shuts down the relentless marketing shrill, The flash of emotional angry heat you feel when you’ve had enough of racists and fascists and bigots, The innocent idea that there’s a way out of the shit after all, and that way is music. Last April, our escape portal was a tiny bike shop at the ass end of the largely ignored Anacortes Commercial District. It was fierce. It was our house. It was on fire. And it was ours.

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“Burning down the house” / Photograph by Maxim Petrichuk on Shutterstock