Layperson: late summer light & friends

Old apartment room

I want to wake with a body full of fire…

from the song “Technicolor Skin,” on “The Divide” (Good Cheer Records, 2018)

The road today means intimate home concerts for most bands, as they cover the miles of open road on tour between venues — treasure brought in close, into the easy setting of homes of fans, fellow artists, and patrons, late summer sun slipping through the curtains while friends come and go. For this August evening, we gathered at the apartment of recording artist Paul Benson (Ever Ending Kicks) in Anacortes (Paul also played, as did Half Shadow). Portland-based Layperson is touring on their new record, “The Divide” (Good Cheer Records, 2018), from which they drew many of the songs for the evening, blissfully free of the political tensions that are making their cool home city the hot center of so much debate and tension. These 10 songs feel as if they were built along the same trajectory as the early songwriting of the Great Lake Swimmers. Layperson has yet to paint their masterpiece, but with this first full-length LP, this band is making a statement: the spontaneous, austere EPs of their past will be giving way to a more detailed, layered, full-band sound.

Layperson home show, Anacortes, August 2019

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“Two chairs” / photograph by Yarygin on Shutterstock