Modern economy? the ownership of what’s real

Punk is thinking outside of yourself, about how every choice that you make might affect someone in your backyard or halfway around the world. I have such a great time selling secondhand clothing not only because I am not giving (more) money to corporations, but I am also helping American consumers realize that our everyday choices can have a grand impact. And, honestly, making a little money from people’s garbage is so fulfilling!

Evie Opp
Evie Opp of The Business, Anacortes

Evie Opp, a Poshmark retailer, (@estatesaleevie on Instagram) also runs The Business — along with Nick Rennis — the important, unique, vital record shop in Anacortes, Washington. The Business is place of everyday miracles and renewal in a global music business that has yet to recover its direction.

The Business will be featured in an upcoming coffee-table book, The Best Record Stores in the United States (Vinyl Me, Please, 2019).

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