New combinations? of roses & ink stains

Darkened window looking out through ivy

Communication is health; communication is truth; communication is happiness. To share is our duty; to go down boldly and bring up to daylight the most hidden thoughts which are the most diseased; to conceal nothing; to pretend nothing; if we are ignorant, to say so; if we love our friends, to let them know it.

Virginia Woolf, from her essay, “Montaigne,” first published in the Times Literary Supplement (TLS), on 31 January, 1924, from Genius and Ink: Virginia Woolf on How to Read, Foreword by Ali Smith (TLS Books/HarperColinsPublishers, 2019)
Stone with the year 1941 in metal type set in it

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“Dark windows” / photograph by jmphoto78 on Shutterstock 
“1941” / photograph by Hols on Shutterstock