Touch? the new relationship

Graffiti of a bear cub and a child

When you slow down, you can feel things; when you’re in that constant rat race, it doesn’t leave much time for empathy. From its very beginning, the virus has forced us to think about interdependencies and relationships. The first thing you are thinking about is: everything I touch, what has somebody else touched? The food I am eating, the package that was just delivered, the food on the shelves. These are connections that capitalism teaches us not to think about.

Naomi Klein, from “Naomi Klein: ‘We must not return to the pre-Covid status quo, only worse,’ The Guardian, 13 July 2020

Music, if it is anything, is all about relationships. It always was, but we forgot somewhere along the way. It was easy to forget a lot of things. Now that we’ve been forced to slow down, we can once again see how musicians, recording studios, small performance venues, and independent record shops exist solely on relationships they forge, sometimes over decades, with their patrons and fans and media. Now that we’re all thinking about these things, because we have to, and because can’t have some of them as easily as we could before the virus, it’s a perfect time to consider something new.

And if we’re very clever, we can even reinvent what comes next in ways that pure capitalism can’t control, influence, and defeat. Read the full interview with Naomi Klein. As always, she’s a radical, visionary thinker raising important questions in yet another prescient moment in history.

And if you have more time for reading, check out her website. Lots of amazing books, including her latest, “On Fire: The (Burning) Case for a Green New Deal.”

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