In our night: candle by candle

Darkening street in a city


We enter love
candle by candle
with the flickering memory of 
fear like a child’s in the dark
stones under every step

go ahead laugh
but we’re always free
to hate the night
or all the air between us

or just fall in love
with every imperfect hour
with the vanishing of all time
and our fading hold

until we dream and sing
suddenly like memory unbidden
in our singular light


Like a ruin
of cities or tools
your hands
make the skin
of the sea of
time itself
stop moving
allowing my breath
to pause and
say yes before
the song singing
stops playing
and dies


In the sun
bells sound
like flowers
the color
of your eyes

(Three from my notebook.)

photo credits
(where not otherwise credited)

“Dark street” / photograph by Bradley Zorbas on