Need some proof? in all our sweetest songs

10th floor sign in a concrete stairwell

Out in the stars

Felt the stars
fill my arm
felt their impatient
arrangements pulling
me out the open window
into their open heart

silently walking me back
into the sparrow’s
darkness with no
weight of returning
no light no hearing
no dreams no here

but then came my sad
crash landing back
right back here again
everything as broken
on the floor like before

felt the stars
leaving me below
for this terrible thing
I don’t want now
leaving all my hours
crawling on the floor
and every window

Open thy hand

Drift the time
be cold the air
dreams in water
is to ache, to ache
because breathing
isn’t living
and see

(Two from my notebook.
For Roky Erickson. Thank you.)

photo credits
(where not otherwise credited)

“Exit” / photograph by Tiger Raw on Adobe Stock (editorial use by permission)