Gone: something borrowed, something blue

Box of old photos.


Sinking into
the silence of names
and the unbearable
shadows of love
love once alive inside
flame overwhelms me
and pulls me
back hard then
leaves me
in rain-shimmering
heat on a familiar
dry road without
a returning hardly
believing there can be
an end
of singing an
of the story
of your names
of your love
your hands
your song

Unfinished fragment

The good and the bad together
is the definition of life
in a mirror

I want to love all of it
but it’s hard to live
in a mirror

it seems so natural to fight
against the moment
moment after moment after moment

is the most powerful thing on earth
because it has no memory

(Two from my notebook.)

photo credits
(where not otherwise credited)

“Box of old photos” / photograph by Mr Cup/Fabien Barral on Unsplash.com