Pandemic, what pandemic? The Business reopens but remains resolute

Painted sign saying "Abuse of power comes as no surprise."

‘Phase 2,’ huh? Before we lay out our plan, we’d like to take a moment to acknowledge the absolute utter failure at all levels of our government in responding to the pandemic. While we understand that everyone is itching to get back to normal, we know that nothing in the world has actually changed. If we had any social safety nets in place, we could all remain safe and not have to worry about rent, healthcare, etc., but instead our government has said, ‘Well, it’s your problem now. Good luck.’ So, here’s the deal: beginning Monday [8 June] we’ll be at the shop for abbreviated hours 11-2 M-Sa for the foreseeable future. If you can’t make any of those times, we will open by appointment. No matter when you choose to come in, you are required to wear a mask.

Nick Rennis & Evie Opp, The Business, Anacortes (from their 5 June 2020 reopening email announcement) [Formatting emphasis added by The Palace.]
Live fast, live hard poster

Our deepest gratitude to fellow punks Sisters In Christ for the poster you’ll see on our front door [above]. We’d prefer you get in touch with us for special orders, subscription requests, and even curbside and local delivery before you traipse in. Remember, ‘Phase 2’ only means that the hospitals are saying: ‘We have a bed for you now.’

Nick & Evie (from their 5 June 2020 email)
Evie Opp & Nick Rennis at The Business (Anacortes, WA)

Badass and punk to the core, The Business. Their power comes from their vision of purpose, their clarity of message: they refuse to make nice with disingenuous language about the COVID-19 pandemic health threat just for the sake of sales. COVID-19 is still here, still trending, still a killer. But so are the pressures on workers trying to pay their bills without getting sick doing just that. The Palace would not exist without The Business. True statement. We love them. We need them. We’re all in this together. In a few corners of this broken and divided country there are small groups of people coming together for the common good (remember that phrase, your grandparents probably said it occasionally — it goes back a few years to a guy named Aristotle). Worth looking into.

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Inside of an old radio.